Absorb is a line of spells and abilities which lower the stats of the target and increase the user's by an equal amount.


Final Fantasy IXEdit

IX Absorb Strength is an ability found in Final Fantasy IX. It is used by both the boss incarnation and the crystal incarnation of Tiamat. It deducts a small amount from the Strength stat of the target and adds it to Tiamat's own.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

XI Dark Knights are the only class with access to these spells, a form of Black Magic.

  • Absorbing Kiss is an ability used by Leeches which absorbs a random attribute.
  • Mind Drain is an ability used by Magic Pots which absorbs the target's Mind.
  • Whispers of Ire is an ability used by certain Evil Weapons which absorbs 2-5 random attributes from all targets within range.

Bravely DefaultEdit

BD Absorb Stats is a Vampirism ability learned by Vampires at job level 11. The character absorbs a selected stat from one target. The stats that can be absorbed are physical attack, physical defense, magic attack, or magic defense. After the absorption, the enemy's stat will be reduced by 25% while the character's stat will be increased by 25%. It costs 20 MP.

The Nemesis Mammon can use Stat Leech, which reduces the party's P.Atk, M.Atk, Def, and M.Def stats to the minimum level (75%), while raising the same stats for herself up to maximum level (150%).