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It was long ago, during the war. Abel, the master dragoon gave this life fighting against the Empire despite the dragons giving up on humanity.

Abel is a character in Final Fantasy Dimensions. He is described by his comrade, Ricard, as a master dragoon and the father of Barbara.


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FFD Long ago, Abel, a dragoon, and his dragon, Ceres, went out to the battlefield. He died fighting against the empire. His friend, Ricard promised him to take care of his daughter, Barbara.

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Abel is the second son of Adam and Eve according to the Book of Genesis. When Abel and his brother Cain both made offerings to God, God accepted Abel's offering over Cain's. Jealous and angry, Cain killed his brother, becoming the first murderer.


  • Abel resembles Kain Highwind from Final Fantasy IV, who is also a dragoon. Both characters' names originate from the biblical tale of Cain and Abel.

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