The Abductor is a boss in Final Fantasy V. He is first encountered when the player arrives at Galuf's World. He snatches Lenna and Faris, and the player has to fight using only Bartz. If Bartz loses, he is kidnapped; if he wins, Abductor will drop a chest. Opening the chest is the only option left to the player. After opening the chest, Bartz is knocked out by sleeping gas, and the trio is taken to Castle Exdeath. The outcome of this battle does not affect the rest of the game. The player next meets Abductor at the Castle of Bal, and it also appears later on as a regular enemy on the higher level floors of Castle Exdeath.





Strategy Edit

The player should change Bartz into a Dragoon and use the Jump command. As Abductor has low HP compared to other bosses, it should fall after two hits. Another option is to use the Blue Magic spells Death Claw or 1000 Needles. The player gets an Ether for winning the battle.

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