A Scene Set by the Gods is a time-limited event where Kuja from Final Fantasy IX can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located during Chapter 9.


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A mysterious man who plans to involve Gaia's Mist continent in an ancient conflict. His features include an interesting way of expression and a play-like way of talking that makes anyone instantly aware of his presence.

Aboard one of the airships of the Red Wings fleet, Golbez and Kuja discuss about the plans of the latter. One particular presence in this conflict disturbs Kuja: Mog's. Kuja plans to join the warriors of Materia to learn about Mog's "true identity".

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Meanwhile, on Eden's part of Nieveus, Mog is accompanied by multiple warriors, including Zidane, Vivi and Steiner, when a dimensional distortion appear in front of them. Kuja appears from it and starts teasing the group, creating on them the urge to fight him.

After his defeat, Kuja allows himself to be summoned by Mog, surprising the group and, especially, Vivi. Immediately Edgar and Balthier start questioning this turn of the events. But Kuja leaves before being insisted to reveal his goal by the two men.

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Afterwards, Vivi starts feeling scared because of what happened in Gaia with the black mages. Zidane comforts his friend, promising him that if Kuja does something bad in this world he will bring him down with his own hands. Edgar and Balthier empathize with the black mage, but they think that having Kuja on their side is a huge advantage on their mission.

Sometime on the near future, some warriors reunite without Mog being present when Kuja appears out of nowhere. This fact worries the group, since no one can be teleported without Mog. Serah tries to cross-examine him but Kuja starts lecturing them about the world and the gods, and reveals that he was summoned by Spiritus and that the God of Destruction only cares for power. After worrying the warriors, Kuja admits that Materia and Spiritus's rivalry and the world's destruction was the least of their problems since something more complicated was going on. This sentence sows the seeds of doubt, making the light warriors question Mog. Kuja then leaves.

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Terra starts worrying but the Warrior of Light, who still maintains his composure about Kuja's revelations, comforts her. He also ask his partners that, if they see a fellow warrior doubtful or uneasy about something, they should support each other.[1]

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Story CutscenesEdit

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For the Sake of Changing One's Fate:
  • Golbez: So, you are going...
  • Kuja: I need to make sure that I'm not some puppet.
  • Kuja: Do you not feel it, that someone is robbing us of our powers?
  • Golbez: That moogle in particular... it does not seem to be just some spirit...
  • Golbez: If you went with them, perhaps you could find out its true identity.
  • Kuja: That would not make for such a grand story, now would it.
  • Kuja: I can feel it... The curtains are rising, the audience can hardly wait for my appearance on the stage.

  • Mog: Kupo! I'm sensing a dimensional distortion nearby, kupo!

(Mog and the squad run until they see Kuja suddenly appearing in front of them.)

  • Zidane: Kuja... so you were the one responsible for that distortion!
  • Kuja: Indeed, you're nort planning on fighting me, are you? Surely that would blossom into a wonderful act.
  • Mog: I won't let you do as you please, kupooo!
  • Steiner: Yyyy! I shall beat you down to nothingness once and for all!
  • Kuja: Ah, I know. Why not I assist you to the best of my abilities instead.
  • Setzer: He's bluffing, to even dare to deceive us...
  • Zidane: I won't let you get away this time! I'll have you tell me the truth!
  • Kuja: That's what you should say... only after you've assured victory!
Entering the Stage:
  • Kuja: And so... I have fallen... ater having played the part of the villain...
  • Kuja: The dimensional distortion has disappeared... I wonder if this is perhaps all in accordance to that moogle's script.
  • Balthier: Why don't you just be out with it already, and tell us what you came here to say.
  • Zidane: About Mog and the distortions... just what do you know?
  • Kuja: Hehehe... for instance... this...

(Kuja allows himself to be summoned as part of Mog's warriors)

  • Mog: Kupo?! These are... your dimensional coordinates?!
  • Vivi: Huh?! Kuja is... joining us in our fight?!
  • Mog With this, we'll be able to summon him too, kupo. We won't always be together, but he can be summoned with Mog's power, kupo...
  • Edgar: Just to be clear, I would like to ask for your true intentions. That know-it-all look you're giving, isnt just some act?
  • Kuja: I have still yet to enter the stage...
  • Kuja: The main character of this story still has an active role to play...
  • Balthier: My goodness... if you keep pestering about the main character, your role will eventually be taken by another actor.

(Kuja leaves)

  • Zidane: Wait! There's still some things I want to ask...
  • Mog: ...should we try summoning him, kupo?
  • Edgar: No, he doesn't seem the type to talk anyway.
  • Zidane: Vivi... it's hard to just accept him as an ally so suddenly.
  • Vivi: I don't know what to think about this...
  • Vivi: I'm feeling a bit scared... but I'll need courage if we're going to borrow Kuja's power...
  • Balthier: It's all right to be confused, you were enemies in your world, weren't you?
  • Edgar: We may not know what kind of person he is, but we can understand your feelings of confusion.
  • Edgar: But if I were to give my opinion, the power and information he holds could surely be beneficial for us in the future.
  • Zidane: That guy... what he did to our world... we can't just ignore that, especially what happened with Vivi's friends...
  • Zidane: But even so, I think we'll need him in this world.
  • Vivi: Yeah... then... I understand.
  • Zidane: If Kuja tries to do something bad in this world, I'll do whatever it takes to bring him down with my own two hand. How about it, Vivi?
  • Balthier: That sure seems pretty cold of you.
  • Edgar: But if such a situation were to happen, shouldn't we be fighting together?
  • Zidane: Ah, I see... that's right, we're not alone anymore.
  • Vivi: Thank you... everyone. I'll do my best to think about it.
Ad Lib:

(A group of heroes are discussing some matters when Kuja appears from a distortion.)

  • Kuja: Ah, those are some lovely faces...
  • Irvine: Oh, a lady killer it seems. How rare...
  • Terra: It seems he revealed himeself without being summoned by Mog...
  • Edgar: Is there a reason for you to appear where Mog can't listen?
  • Kuja: Hehe... I can't speak from the heart just yet, that wouldn't make for an interesting story.
  • Serah: Then tell us what you can. Anything's fine, we just need the information.
  • Kuja: Such a strong young lady...
  • Kuja: But today, let us talk about the gods. It is a tale about the two pillar gods who created this world.
  • Warrior of Light: The one who summoned us, Materia, and the other one is... Spiritus...
  • Kuja: Correct. Materia and Spiritus were constantly going after each other.
  • Kuja: It was Spiritus who summoned me here, he who only sees things based on power, and cares not for human relations.
  • Irvine: That's strange. Wasn't this world created by the gods?
  • Kuja: Indeed, this world was created by them, but an unusual phenomenon occurred...
  • Edgar: The intention of protecting this world should have been mutual, yet the two gods have decided to go against this stance, and thus continue fighting each other...?
  • Kuja:This rivalry between them only scratches the surface of this story, there are more... complicated things undermining this world.
  • Serah: You don't mean, that Mog is the cause of all of this, do you?
  • Terra: But Mog is... Mog is the one who has being leading us all!
  • Irvine: There's no proof of this. And we can't exactly just believe him either.
  • Edgar: But it's still somethin worth considering... that was useful.
  • Kuja: Hehehe... just a little bit more until the climax, now, dance.

(Kuja leaves)

  • Terra: Is Mog really plotting something behind out backs...?
  • Edgar: I think it's worth to remember if this is in line with the values we believe in...
  • Warrior of Light: Regardless of the authenticity of that story... it remains a fact that Mog bringing a combatant like Kuja into our ranks as an ally is only making everyone feel uneasy.
  • Serah: Especially since he was an enemy in his world of origin... I don't think I'll be able to accept all of this so soon...
  • Irvine: We may have to deal with this eventually, won't we...?
  • Warrior of Light: If any of you see anyone of our allies feeling hurt or uneasy, I would like you to let us know.
  • Edgar: Of course, after all we do share the same fate.
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