A Scene Set by the Gods is a time-limited event where Kuja from Final Fantasy IX can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located during Chapter 9.


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A mysterious man who plans to involve Gaia's Mist continent in an ancient conflict. His features include an interesting way of expression and a play-like way of talking that makes anyone instantly aware of his presence.

Aboard one of the airships of the Red Wings fleet, Golbez and Kuja discuss about the plans of the latter. One particular presence in this conflict disturbs Kuja: Mog's. Kuja plans to join the warriors of Materia to learn about Mog's "true identity".

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Meanwhile, on Eden's part of Nieveus, Mog is accompanied by multiple warriors, including Zidane, Vivi and Steiner, when a dimensional distortion appear in front of them. Kuja appears from it and starts teasing the group, creating on them the urge to fight him.

After his defeat, Kuja allows himself to be summoned by Mog, surprising the group and, specially, Vivi. Immediately Edgar and Balthier start questioning this turn of the events. But Kuja leaves before being insisted to reveal his goal by the two men.
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Afterwards, Vivi starts feeling scared because of what happened in Gaia with the black mages. Zidane comforts his friend, promising him that if Kuja does something bad in this world he will bring him down with his own hands. Edgar and Balthier empathize with the black mage, but they think that having Kuja on their side is a huge advantage on their mission.

Sometime on the near future, some warriors reunite without Mog being present when Kuja appears out of nowhere. This fact worries the group, since no one can be teleported without Mog. Serah tries to cross-examine him but Kuja starts lecturing them about the world and the gods, and reveals that he was summoned by Spiritus and that the God of Destruction only cares for power. After worrying the warriors, Kuja admits that Materia and Spiritus' rivalry and the world's destruction was the least of their problems since something more complicated was going on. This sentence sowes the seeds of doubt, making the light warriors question Mog. Kuja then leaves.
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Terra starts worrying but the Warrior of Light, who still maintains his composure about Kuja's revelations, comforts her. He also ask his partners that, if they see a fellow warrior doubtful or uneasy about something, they should support each other.[1]

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