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A Fateful Coin Toss, Ascension and Freedom was a Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Introduction to dual-track Events Edit

Unlike previous Challenge Events, this Event offered two tracks. While they were separated by character, the player needed to sufficiently complete Edgar's track before moving to Sabin's track. Each track progressed through the game's four main levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Heroic) so that the player could earn progressive Rewards. Only the first two levels of three dungeons each needed to be cleared to unlock the other track.

Scenario Edit

Players reenacted the tales of the Brothers Figaro, Edgar and Sabin, in their fight against the Gestahlian Empire.

Track 1: Edgar's Story Edit

Edgar's path took him from the Narshe Mines to the escape from Figaro Castle in the World of Balance, then turned to the World of Ruin for the Castle's infestation by sealed monsters. He finished his quest in the Ancient Castle.

Track 2: Sabin's Story Edit

Sabin's path began on Mt. Kolts against rival Vargas. He then drifted down the Lethe River to face Orthros before getting stuck aboard the Phantom Train. The scene then shifted to the Floating Continent as the party prepared to escape the Warring Triad's wrath.

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