Below is the script for A Bride for Montblanc from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

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Moogle BrideEdit


Montblanc NOOOOOO!

Montblanc discovering the truth.

(After setting up the units for battle)
Montblanc: Miss Mogumi.. I... I read your letter, kupo!
Reaker: You fell for it, kupo! Now you'll get lesson in humility by Clan Rose!
Defeat All Enemies!
(After all enemies were defeated)
Reaker: Ku-Kupo... We could have been great together, kupo.
Montblanc: You... You're not Mogumi, kupo! Noooooo! I've been had, kupo! That's not very nice, kupo!

A Bride for MontblancEdit


(Montblanc comes into the Hall of Kings)
Montblanc (jumping up and down)
Fras? It's me, Montblanc. I'm here, kupo!
(Camera pans to Fras, who was alone for the moment)
Fras: Ah, Montblanc! I've been waiting for you. At last you are come. And now
sweet vengeance will be mine!
Montblanc: Kupo!?
Fras: You are the moogle from Clan Centurio, are you not? The clan which won
the clan tourney? You stole victory from us that day. We had secretly drugged
the other challengers with an elixir to turn their bowels to water. All was in
place for our victory... when your clan arrived unannounced and claimed the
victor's mantle!
Montblanc: Kupo...
(Fras summons her clan, units are now available to be set up for battle)
Fras: Even now, I shudder to think how you have shamed us! We will crush you
and your clan, and only then will this weight be lifted from my heart!
Montblanc: You try to cheat your way to victory, and when you fail, you blame
your opponent, kupo?
Fras: Silence! You know our secret. You cannot leave this place alive. Make
ready for death...
Montblanc: There's no talking sense with her, kupo.
(After all enemies were defeated)
Montblanc: Hopefully this lesson will be one she won't soon forget, kupo.
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