A-Griffon is an enemy in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

First encountered in Modeoheim, the A-Griffon is a decent foe due to its high Vitality and Spirit ratings. The player should use Gravity to deplete half of its HP, then attack with critical hits. Alternatively, one can use Gravity Materia twice to leave a quarter of its health left and finish it off with Jump or attacks from behind.


Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

A-Griffon TCG

A-Griffon appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as a Fire-elemental card.



The griffin, griffon, or gryphon (Greek: γρύφων, grýphōn, or γρύπων, grýpōn, early form γρύψ, grýps; Latin: gryphus) is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.

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