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2-Faced is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII fought in Corel Prison. They will not act until the player attacks. When attacked, there is a one-in-four chance that 2-Faced will either self-destruct, causing a lot of damage, or cast Cure3 on the player's party, which heals for around 1,000 HP if one has a party of three characters. Both abilities remove 2-Faced from battle and no EXP, AP, gil, or items are obtained from the enemy in this method of defeat.

They do not have a specified Berserk attack. As such, it will try to use a non-existent attack, which happens to cost more MP than it will ever have. Because of this, the game will continually print the message "2-Faced's skill power is used up".


# Formation
516 Row 1: 2-Faced
Row 2: Bandit A, Bandit B
517 Row 1: 2-Faced A, 2-Faced B
Row 2: Bandit
518 2-Faced A, 2-Faced B, 2-Faced C
520 2-Faced A, 2-Faced B, 2-Faced C, 2-Faced D (Attack from both sides)


Corel Prison
North 516, 517, 518
Basement 520
South 516, 517, 518
Corner 516
Junkyard 517

AI script Edit

AI: Counter - General {

1/8 Chance:
Choose Random Opponent
Use Self-destruct on Target
Remove Self
1/8 Chance:
Choose All Opponents
Use Cure3 on Target
Remove Self
3/4 Chance: Nothing


Gallery Edit

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