êúô1(), more commonly referred to as Test 1, is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. They are a test enemy hidden within the game data. In the Japanese version of the game, the model they used was the Grunt enemy's model.



# Formation
003 Row 1: êúô0(äñ)
Row 2: êúô1(), êúô2(ñ)
026 Row 1: êúô1()A, êúô1()B
Row 2: êúô1()C*Covered by êúô1()A, êúô1()B
Row 3: êúô1()D*Covered by êúô1()A, êúô1()C, êúô1()E*Covered by êúô1()B, êúô1()C
Row 4: êúô1()F*Covered by êúô1()A, êúô1()B, êúô1()C, êúô1()D, êúô1()E

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