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FFVII Lifebreak

???? in Final Fantasy VII.

Does damage equal to user's MaxHP/HP
—Description, Final Fantasy VII

"????" is a recurring ability in the series. It inflicts non-elemental damage to one target equal to the difference in the user's Max HP and current HP.


Final Fantasy VEdit



???? is an enemy ability used by Azulmagia, Kuza Beast, Tyrannosaur, Wild Nakk, Behemoth, Gel Fish, King Behemoth, Mecha Head, Numb Blade, and Tunneller. It deals damage to one target equal to the difference in the user's Max HP and current HP at the cost of 3 MP. The player may also utilize this ability by catching and releasing a Reflect Mage or a Tunneller during a fight with a Zephyrus.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

VII ???? is an enemy ability, used by Jersey and Behemoth. It inflicts damage equal to the difference of the user's maximum HP and their current HP at the cost of 3 MP. The player can use ???? as an Enemy Skill if attacked by the skill with the Materia equipped. The ability is physical-based and thus is affected by Cover.

It is a difficult Enemy Skill to learn at times as neither enemy will use it that frequently. The Behemoth is only fought in an unrevisitable location and therefore the opportunity to receive it from this enemy can be missed. While the Jersey enemy remains available until the end of the game, the player must act in a specific way as they must never be attacked in order to use the spell. If they are attacked, they will switch to their second form which never uses ????, and due to a bug in their coding, will never change forms again, making it impossible to learn ???? from that specific Jersey.

???? can be useful at Gold Saucer's Battle Square in case the player ends up breaking their weapon.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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