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September 5, 2007

FACT: Kain Highwind could've stopped Odin and Bahamut himself, but he was too busy rebuilding Burmecia by hand.

Greetings, kiddies! I am Drake Clawfang. My real name is Adam, but this is the internet, so I use the alias Drake. I was once called Good Drake or Drake 2 here because of the original Drake, DMD. I personally don't care what anyone calls me, so long as it's civil.

Job Class Mystic Knight
Occupation None
Specialities Large scale edits, bestiary entries, walkthroughs, images
Race Half Human, Half Esper
Hometown Hamilton
Date of Birth 1988
Age Look at the DoB and figure it out
Interests Final Fantasy, fanfiction, writing, YouTube

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Current Projects

  • General maintenance
  • License Board FAQ
  • Restructuring Squallinoa's Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough
  • Completing FFXII's many, many, many sidequests, looking forward to Yiazmat.
  • Playing FFX once I finish XII. I also still haven't finished Dawn of Souls after a year of owning it, I really should get around to that.


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Weekly Spam

The Dragon's Den

Welcome, kiddies, to "The Dragon's Den". This weekly spamfest will host whatever little thoughts pop into my head at the end of the week. Whatever I happen to feel like saying, will be posted here every Friday. Yup, Drake now has a place to put down whatever he happens to be thinking about Friday at midnight, no matter what it may be. Drake's thoughts, uncensored, unfiltered, unanticipated. No decency, no escape, no mute. No mercy.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Kiddies, I have a big problem. See, Wednesday night, I did a bit of soul searching. Realized at this, that I always haven't conducted myself in a manner suiting of a Moderator. I abuse Rollback, insult other users, get into edit wars, bite noobies, and in general act like a real asshole sometimes. I recognize that as a Moderator, I should set a better example for the community, and don't always do a good job of that. There are reasons of course - it's about an issue I'm tired of dealing with, I'm having a bad day, or I just plain don't like you. Whatever the case, I was prepared on Wednesday, to come here today and officially apologize to the Wiki for my sometimes dishonorable behavior, and promise to try and be nicer to my fellow users and limit my Rollback usage to vandalism as it is meant to be.

....that was Wednesday night. Thursday morning, I woke up and what did I see? Someone - I shan't name who, they know who they are, and if you don't then don't concern yourself with it - added "Megan Hollingshead" to the Dissidia Wikipedia page as Terra's English voice actor, and sourced a fansite forum to back up their claim...suddenly, I remembered *why* I'm so often mean to others and act like an asshole, because I've little tolerance for such blatant foolishness. I don't expect all my fellow users to be Final Fantasy lore experts, able to quote games at command. I just expect a little bit of common sense when editing, that's not too much to ask is it? No, it's not.

First off, Terra is not being voiced by Megan Hollingshead. I'll tell you exactly where this came from - IMDB, it was there Monday before any of the GameSpot footage with Terra came out. How do I know it came from there? Because I added it there last week, and the update processed this week. I was tired of people who couldn't understand the site isn't reliable for a Wikipedia source, and decided to try and demonstrate why by pulling a random name from my ass, adding it to the site and seeing if people bought it. And they did. So, to anyone who actually thought Megan Hollingshead was Terra's VA, congratulations, you've officially been punk'd.

So after that debacle, the apologetic mood I went to sleep with two days ago has vanished. I was prepared to make a big speech here too, even address a few specific circumstances of my poor behavior and maybe apologize to a few users by name. But now I simply don't feel like going through all. From now on, I will still take a closer look at my activity here, try and not abuse my power and be nicer and handle stressful situations better. But I'm not as sorry for past behavior as I was 48 hours ago.

Quote of the Week

Hate Hate HATE!

Video of the Week

Other Sites I'm On

  • YouTube -
    I currently host all ten Dissidia storylines with English subtitles, and am uploading all other English videos I can find of relevance. This includes trailers and previews. I also do "movie trailers" for Advent Children, and music videos.
  • Wikipedia -
    I don't do much on Wikipedia, my duties there are scattered. I'm currently in a me-against-the-world battle to keep the Dissidia page safe from irritating VA speculation, and otherwise edit as the browsing takes me.


Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough - My third walkthrough. Work on it stalled partway through, but I finished it inside a year still. Currently the only walkthrough to cover the Advance port of the game.

Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough - my first walkthrough, I started it on September 23 2007, and began Part 36 on October 5th. Oh yeah, I powered right through that puppy. Then my data got erased before I could beat Omega Weapon or Soul Shrine, so it didn't get "officially" finished until April 3rd 2008. Hey, I had just spent 2 weeks playing through the game and lost all my data, I wasn't up to doing it again right yet! It has since been spruced up with templates, links, pictures and so forth.

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough - My second walkthrough. FF7 better than I thought, though not quite as good as you've heard. That's what I have to say on VII. But that's not to say it doesn't kick ass - it does.

Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough - This is Squallinoa's walkthrough for FF8, which he left to me upon leaving the Wiki. I'm currently planning to go through it and restructure it, and it'll combine Squallinoa's FF8 commentary with my gameplay advice. It's kinda like a meal I guess - the dish is already cooked, I just gotta add some salt and pepper to it.

Final Fantasy XII License Board FAQ - I do love FF12, but I'm still relatively new to the game and it's so vast I simply don't yet consider myself learned enough to write a walkthrough for it. However, I like the License Board system, and have a multi-page FAQ to teach even total novices how to get the most out of their LP.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Walkthrough - I'm ashamed to admit owning this piece of shit, but did a walkthrough for it just for the sake of completing the MQ database here. I'm never touching this crap game ever again, and you shouldn't either. But if you do, feel free to swing by and check out my walkthrough.

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