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Anyone played dissidia yet?

What do you think of the battle system?
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I've only spent a little time with Dissidia NT thus far, but from what I did play of it, I enjoyed. It's fairly smooth and pretty streamlined in terms of customization mechanics compared to the other Dissidia games, making it easier for those who just want to fight and not worry about stats and how to min/max them, but it's also a little more hectic due to the 3 on 3 format. The battles also feel a little less intimate that way, because you don't have to focus on just one opponent, nor do they have to focus on you. I still found it fun, though I have a few nitpicks with the way the various status bars readouts are placed on the screen and the way dodging, blocking and quickmoves work compared to previous games, but some of that may just be (re)learning curve for me.
I don’t really like it, I like the older two for the psp
I think, I might prefer the PSP ones overall for the depth afforded by the RPG mechanics, but that's not to say that I didn't enjoy NT.
Same I kinda hate NT
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