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Hardest Boss you’ve fought ( or tried to )

So outside of post game bosses and final bosses what was the hardest boss you’ve had to fight that just too wayyy to long to beat to the point it wasn’t fun anymore?

For example, In FFT:WoTL , the hardest thing I had to do was fight Belias the Gigas. My team set up was not the best for it and Ramza at the time was too under leveled and ill equipped. It took me about 12 tries to win and only did so ‘cause Agrias crit on the Gigas
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Probably the second fight or the final boss in final fantasy 13. I have no idea why but I struggled so hard on that fight. Either that or some of the espers in 12.
On the note of summons, I also remember the Eidolon battles in XIII being kind of tricky; more because of the time limit than the actual fighting. Most of the time you won't die out right(Odin comes to mind as an exception), but that Doom timer certainly adds a layer of tension to the fight.
The only one of the eidolons I had problems with was vanille’s. All the others I had a pretty easy time with.
I don't think I had too kuch of an issue with them either; I remember Odin being kind of rough the first time, but I can't honestly remember if I died due to the Doom timer or becaise he just straight up killed me. Beyond that, none of the other Eidolons were troublesome to my recollection.

I actually found the Assassin battle pretty easy. At that time, I had my Agrias over leveled and she one or two shot Eldmore(?)’s assassins. I remember Ramza and my White Mage got KO’d but by then the battle was almost over and i didn’t need them.

And touching the FFXIII comments, I never had too big an issue with any Eidolon but there was always two Cieths I hated fighting. It was the one in Taijin’s tower after you kill the Fal’Cie that was annoying but there was one I could never beat. It was one of the Cieth stone circle ones. It was your party versus two of Valijarmandas. It was the two floating guys that had ungodly defensive capabilities
@Beowulf Beovule

Looking at the objective for the fight(just bring one enemy to critical HP to win), it really isn't that difficult in concept. The difficulty lies in the fact that all three of them have moves that can K.O. in one hit, and you have to protect Rapha as well(who tends to get in the way). When I last played through the game with my one friend, we were doing a bit of a challenge run where we were both restricted to certain jobs. I didn't have too much trouble that battle myself(though Wiegraf still took me three attempts), but my friend had a TON of trouble. He actually had a loss where due to the assassin's high speed, he didn't get to act at all because they targeted Rapha straight out. And that was a his first attempt that play through. It took him 6 more attempts, all of them failing either due to the Assassins targeting Rapha, or Rapha trying to attack Elmdor and being felled by his First Strike reaction, or his attempts to attack them both being thwarted by First Strike or the Assassin's insta-K.O.s. And with each failure, he had to go back and reset his equips/abilities from the Belias fight, and rewatch the cutscenes. My fight actually went okay, but it was a bit scary thanks to those K.O. attacks.

As for the Cie'ths, I don't remember having much of an issue with any of them. I'm assuming the one in Taejin's Tower was Mithridates (Mission 27)? I'd have to replay the battle I guess, but again, he doesn't seem to trigger any "ugh... This guy..." memories for me. I'm also assuming the floating guys were the Raktavija (Mission 62); again, I don't recall them being particularly challenging, but maybe I'm forgetting something crazy about them. I do need to replay XIII though; if I get there again soon enough, I'll check 'em out again.
yeah the assasses were cake after dealing with a lucavi lmao and trail mode was sadly easy (guess i had awesome job combo setups) forgot about bart from XIII imo Long Gui is the hardest baddy in FFXIII any day lol. Any Omega ever in any FF game tbh
Oh yeah, the Long Gui and it's Adamantoise cousins were probably some of the most complex battles in XIII, largely because of the relative ease with which they can take down even a maxed out party. I remember having to sit down and research them and figure out a configuration that actually worked to defeat them.

I remember Omega from V being particularly frustrating for me, at least until I learned of the Bard Stop strategy lol. I didn't have much trouble with VIII's though, and I sadly stopped playing VI Advance before fighting it there(though I did beat Kaiser). Also never reached XII's... Man, my to-do list on this series keeps getting longer...
FFXII probably has the hardest Omega in the Series and VIII's being the weakest and what Bard Stop strat are you talking about? never heard of that one
The Bard Stop strategy may be called something else, but it's probably one of the easiest ways to deal with Omega in V. There's a lot of ways to set it up, but the basic version is simple. You need: Two party members to act as damage dealers, while the other two are either a) full Bards, or b) Freelancers with !Sing (this is probably preferred). During the fight, you have your damage dealers unload while the !Sing users sing Romeo's Ballad to inflict Stop status on Omega. It will stick fairly easily, but since Omega is classified as Heavy, it doesn't last long (a couple of seconds at best). If you can keep the !Sing users going fast enough (Haste from Hermes Sandals helps), Omega won't get a turn in. Works even better with Freelancers, as you can have one of the two singers equip the Masamune for a free "First Strike" turn and have them start singing from go one.